Here's some of the films I've production designed.

Unless otherwise noted, all content is © the director listed.

Home Bound

Dir. Shamola Kharkar - 2014

Home Bound tells the story of the daughter of an Indian family living in the US, fighting an internal battle between keeping her cultural heritage alive and assimilating into the American culture. Everything changes, however, when an affair with her college professor takes a turn for the worst.

Titanium Chef

Dir. Eric Crepeau - 2013

One of my largest projects, Titanium Chef presented a unique set of challenges. Titanium Chef is a satirical parody of popular cooking competition shows, set in an alternate universe where cooking is a major sport (equatable to football or basketball). This short film required a modular "Kitchen Arena" for chefs to compete against each other, Food Network style.

Brooklyn Bridge Blues

Dir. Benjamin Hain - 2012

Brooklyn Bridge Blues is a noir-style character piece about a New York cab driver mourning over the loss of his son, and trying to connect with his passengers. Unfortunately, his fares just want to get to where they're going, and aren't interested in his life story.


Dir. Amanda Pennington Knox - 2015

"Maha and Abdula have a dangerous affair. They flee Iraq, only to be lured back by their families in order to bring peace and safety to their village. When they return, they are placed on trial for adultery, found guilty and prepared for execution. Abdula repents and is saved. Refusing to compromise, Maha is executed by Rajam. Her father is forced to cast the first stone." (via IndieGoGo)